Serving the AFL-CIO since 1993

Retirement Planning


UNION LEGAL TRUST AND RETIREMENT ASSOCIATES will teach group members how to plan for retirement.  Here are the issues that are solved by the proper planning and legal documentation.

  • Probate – The cost and delays associated with asset transfers at death
  • Conservatorship – The cost and delays associated with the lack of mental capacity
  • Taxes – Capital Gains Tax, Gift Tax and Federal Estate Tax
  • Long Term Care – Long term medical cost not paid for by major medical insurance and medicare parts A and B without the purchase of additional insurance (GO TO LONG TERM CARE QUICKLINK)
  • Income – Pension, Retirement Accounts and Social Security – Maximize Income by making informed choices.

Union Legal Legal Benefit Plan Documents

  • Revocable Living Trust – A/B Disclaimer Trust (AVOIDS PROBATE)
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Assets  (AVOIDS  COURT ORDERED CONSERVATORSHIP)
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health  (AVOIDS COURT ORDERED CONSERVATORSHIP)
  • Spousal Annuity Trust (ASSETS PROTECTED FROM MEDI-CAL)

Pension Planning / Retirement Accounts

Pension Maximization
Get the most out of your pension through the latest strategies employed by Union Legal. Many members make uninformed choices that could cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars over their retirement years. Find out if you qualify to guarantee your full pension for your wife AND to then your beneficiaries when you have both deceased.

Social Security Maximization
Get the most out of your Social Security Benefits from the Federal Government by choosing the right age to file. Limit the amount of taxation on your Social Security income by reducing your taxable income by the use of tax differed investments and wealth accumulation and transfer programs through Union Legal Trust and Retirement Associates.

Retirement Account Protection and Preservation
IRA / 401A / 457 / 401K and all other tax deferred retirement accounts through your union or employer can be sheltered from STOCK MARKET LOSSES with a guarantee of principle and interest through tax qualified accounts secured through the largest industry in the world. ROLLOVER your retirement account without taxation and maximize the potential of the account for your family using a stretch or conversion IRA.

For qualified members a Union Legal staff LDA will meet with you in the privacy of your home for a confidential, no cost consultation. If you elect to enroll in our legal benefit program, all documents are produced within 30 days with a guarantee of satisfaction.

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