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Social Security Maximization

In 1983 Congress passed legislation that up to 50% of your Social Security income could be taxed. That amount was raised to 85% to be taxed if combined income surpassed threshold limits. If your income including one half of your Social Security payment exceeds $25,000 as a single person or $32,000 as a married couple, 50% of your Social Securtiy check will be taxed as ordinary income on the excess income above those thresholds. If your income exceeds $34,000 as a single person or $44,000 as a married couple. up to 85% of your Social Security will be taxed as ordinary income.

You can lose most of your Social Security Income if you do not have a plan!

You can stop the tax on your Social Security by transferring taxable interest accounts such as Mutual Funds and Bank Accounts, to Tax Differed Annuity Contracts that allow you to make compound interest on income that you would normally pay to the IRS.

Get the most out of your Social Security Benefits from the Federal Government by choosing the right age to file and protect those benefits from taxation through the proper planning with Union Legal Trust and Retirement Associates.

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